This.. is my "Draplin" project, the project I'm most proud of, not because it's the best branding I've ever made or because it has any award winning worthy attributes, but it's the free work I did for a friends start-up, a food and beverage consultancy. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the vision of "his baby". I got to understand their culture and really uncover the character behind the brand, which translated into the branding perfectly, resulting in MY first project with 0 changes after delivery. I know, nothing short of a miracle.

While interviewing the client to better understand the project, one thing was becoming more and more clear, it kept coming up in the conversation. "UNITY", yeah the classic "we are a family" line, but he meant it. He wanted to create a community around his brand, so I kept that in mind. By the end of our session we came up with three key words (healthy, family, young). The result hints to a final product made by all of it's pieces interconnecting to form the symbol (family), which in it self resembles a leaf (fresh and young).