About me

Storytelling in design has become an essential tool for brands/products/designers to establish a connection to their audience. Therefore, through my eyes, sharing a bit of my background could be important to you.

Same as everyone else, this past year has been a tough one to swallow. Since Covid hit, I've lost my job, I've lost all of my work after a disastrous hardware malfunction (0 projects to fall back on, no portfolio, not anything) and on top of it all, the aforementioned losses caused me to even lose my passion for design. For a few years now, I live and breath design - I adored spending hours watching videos online - nerd-ing out over design books with my colleagues - or just simply spending my free time designing for the sake of design.

Understandably, after a couple of months of not being able to rekindle the passion I once had for what I made my living out of - I started thinking of alternative career paths, maybe brunching out to other industries or ways of making an income. The longer I spent thinking of myself doing something else or actually investing time into brunching out, the more I realized, "all I want to do is design". Somehow thinking of my self as anything else other than a designer, a "creative problem solver", the more I regained my confidence and the more I felt the need to come back to what I knew I loved doing.

So I started my journey of trying to salvage anything I could from my previous work/portfolio and creating new projects for my self in order to create this very portfolio. Finally, I can confidently introduce myself, I am Andreas Vasileiou, a 25-year-old designer addicted to clean and minimal design. I specialize in web design, animation and branding, but I am not afraid to dabble in all things design.

You may find some of the work I managed to salvage bellow if you're interested in getting a better taste of what my work used to look like :)

TLDR; I lost all of my work and portfolio right when I lost my job, after reclaiming my passion for designing again I'm now ready to continue my journey in the industry and keep growing the list of artwork bellow. (below is everything I could salvage from my work)

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Thank you for your time! :)